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Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Whoíd have thought it,hey?
An ex-drunk and a moron
President of the USA.

Yo George, Yo George
I am upper class
Youíre a school yard bully
Thatís why I lick your ass.

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
I rule the goddamed world
I pledge allegiance to your country
When old glory is unfurled 

Yo George, Yo George
My countryís in decline
By jove, if you would be my chum
That would be jolly fine

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
You talk like a fag
Iíll let you be my poodle
But buggery ainít my bag 

Yo George, Yo George
I swear that Iím not gay
Educated English men
Just seem to talk that way. 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Wipe away your tears
You can be my partner
But boy, I sure hate queers 

Yo George, Yo George
What are you going to do?
I donít have a back bone
So Iíll stand close to you 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Iím gonna break the law
I hate that guy, Saddam Hussein
He was mean to my Paw 

Yo George, Yo George
Lets go kick some ass
Hell, Iím so hypercritical
I still go to mass. 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Letís invade Iraq
You can wear a baseball cap
Wear it front to back. 

Yo George, Yo George
My people donít want war
Iíll send the sons of the working class
Thatís what the armyís for 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
You can join my gang
Letís go kill some children
With rockets that go BANG 

Yo George, Yo George
Forget the United Nations
Iíll send a facsimile letter
To all bereaved relations 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Iím writing you a decree
Donít show no god dammed body bags
In print or on TV 

Yo George, Yo George
Censure all bad news
And call the people, traitors
Who might have different views 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
I talk to God each night
God says, the Arabs are heathens
And I am in the right 

Yo George, Yo George
God said, I am his son
Some day Iíll walk on water
When my time on earth is done 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Letís toast with some lemonade
Hereís to the death of innocents
In a holy, just crusade 

The wrath of the super power
Was unleashed upon Iraq
The cowards, used the dark to night
To launch the unjust attack 

A crime against humanity
A flouting of the law
Naziís wearing stars and stripes
They called it, Shock and Awe 

Shock and Awe, Shock and Awe
The very names obscene
Psychopathic GI Joes
And soldiers of the Queen 

Little children, blown apart
Their limbs in the rubble
Bush and Blair anaesthetised
In a self delusion bubble 

No flowers greet them in the street
No children stand and smile
Tanks rumble the desert sands
Mile after bloody mile 

Blood lay on the desert sand
The hot sun made it boil
Blood trickled through golden sand
Mixed with the thick black oil 

War crimes and massacres
An army of occupation
Democracy, through the barrel of a gun
Death and subjugation 

Holy shrines are desecrated
Icons, trampled in the mud
Stamped with the sign of Satan
An imprint left in blood   

Thousands taken from their home
An unlawful security measure
Tortured by sexual deviants
For their own personal pleasure 

Five years after occupation
Iraq is in despair
The death toll keeps on rising
Civil war is in the air 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Did you see Abu Grave?
When I saw the naked rag heads
I felt so doggone brave 

Yo George, Yo George
Thatís the way to treat the scum
Did you see the woman soldier?
Pointing at the naked bum? 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
In cuba I got pens
Fill them up with rag heads
Treat Ďem just like hens 

Yo George, Yo George
Thatís the way to treat Ďem
Take away their civil rights
Torture them and beat them 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Iíve ruined countless lives
They died for freedom and America
I tell the mothers and the wives 

Yo George, Yo George
I told my people lies
That albatross is round my neck
And swarming with big flies 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
Next stop, Afghanistan
Want to send some troops out there?
Kill Arabs and get a tan 

Yo George, Yo George
Iíll send every motherís son
But my boy, sure ainít going
I wonít give him a gun 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
You know I dodged the draft
People say Iím stupid
But this olí boy ainít daft 

Yo George, Yo George
Iíll stick to you like glue
Put your foot up to my mouth
You got shit on your shoe 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
I used to be a drunk
Found God in a Texan jail
A rich, spoilt, red neck punk 

Yo George, Yo George
I love your western drawl
Letís go to the United Nations
And piss against the wall 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
How many did we kill??
Some say a hundred thousand
Boy that gives me a thrill 

Yo George, Yo George
I lost some soldiers too
Some were killed by the enemy
And rest were killed by you 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
I really like you guy
Easily manipulated
Loyal and quite shy 

Yo George, Yo George
Youíre my favourite chum
I like the way you pat my head
And tickle me on the tum 

Yo Blair, Yo Blair
I need a little nap
Go into your kennel boy
Lets stop this doggone rap. 


George, Do you ever think that we might, be you know, in the wrong?
Hell no Blair. Weíre the good guys,Fox News said so

But george, what if, you know, we killed people for nothing?
Get out Blair, get out, I donít want to hear that limey, chicken shit talk in my house. Bad boy Blair, bad boy.

Iím sorry George, I really am, look Iím giving a paw.
Blair my toilet is blocked, put your hand in and see whats blocking it.
I got it George, look itís a pretzel.
One of them little bastards nearly choked me, put it on the table until it dries out, Iíll eat it later.

Lie down now Blair, lie down, thatís a good boy, youíre a good poodle.
Iíll get Condie in to tickle your tummy, Condie, Condie, come and see Blair do tricks. He looks so doggone cute.
I believe he understands every word I say, good boy, good boy Blair.
What a loyal little poodle you are. Good boy, good boy, Oh no, heís peed on the carpet with excitement.


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© Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin