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The Tall Ships  (Seamus Heaney Style)
Aye, tall indeed are the ships
Great big tall sailing ships
So take her easy, no need to bother
For you won't find ships that are any taller.
What would they be carrying now?
A man might say, a horse, a cow
But tall ships carry more than that
For tall ships are long and very fat.
Hear the frigging, as they climb the rigging
To untie some granny knots
Let's set sail for Cambodia
And visit old Pol Potts.
Ships! Aye, tall ships as far as the eye can see
Wind blown sails, ahoy for whales
The leviathan of the deep
Whales are fond of tall ships and often at them-peep.
How many potatoes now, would them holds hold?
Or wizzened bog mummies, in states of varying putrification
Stately galleons, swan-like grace and the smell of tar.
AYE, big ships, tall ships, that have come from afar.
Plunge big tall ship, send up the white horses
As captain sits with log on knee charting out the courses.
Big! Oh aye, big, big tall ships
People watch in awe, while eating chips.
When I look at the mighty stern
A vision do I see
The great big woman, in a moo-moo dress
Who in dreams I see..
But any man who knows hen from pig
Will tell you that the ships are-big
Ships, aye ships, so doggone tall
Tied up against the harbour wall.
BIG! Oh aye, big tall ships
TALL! Oh aye, tall big ships
A man might think of leaving the land
And sign up as a leading hand.
On the big, oh aye, big and tall, oh aye, tall,  big tall ships.
That's not one of my best now. I have a touch of the cold and the snug pen keeps slipping  'twixt finger and thumb.




Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin