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 Chronicles of St.Patrick
Below are two extracts from the Chronicles:

 Used a wee weed called a Shamrock today to demonstrate the Trinity.  Later I
 saw the Paddies wearing the shamrock on their chest.  God they are like
 children.  Stupid ----stupid ---stupid!  I hope they donít keep this up.  Imagine
 the laughing stock they would be if they took a wee weed as their national
 emblem!  Iím sure they wonít.  Even the Paddies could not be that stupid!!! 
 Bible and bed.  Bible and bed.  Feel Iím getting into a rut.

 Yes ---- Still raining!


 Well God give me strength! The snakes are back again.  When I approached, they lay still
 and tried to let on they were sticks.  I know a snake when I see one.  I had to begin the
 banishing all over again.  It takes a lot out of you Ė all this banishing.  Watched the Paddies
 splashing around in the bogs and swamps like children.  What strange creatures they are!

 Read Bible in bed and listened to rain!


© Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin