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A Scottish Sailor

All hail to yon big tall ships
Who sail the oceans deep
Wee sailors run to set the sails
Way slippers on their feet.

I must go down to the sea today
To the lovely sea and sky
I hung my wet breeks on a marlin spike
I think they should be dry.

I don't like to go commando noo
About this rougish toon
I see the scunners eying me
But I will nay bend doon.       

I have a girl in every port
And a port in every girl
When I shake my babees at them mon
It gives their heart a whirl.

But back at hame, in my ain croft
A wifie waits for me
A bottle of whisky in her hand
And a bairn on every knee.

But, hi, see me, I live for the sea
So farewell to bairn and wife
For I work on a dredger mon
In the bonny wee port of Fife.
"Hoots to youse all, the noo!"




Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin