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  Rosie Ryan Second Volume                       

Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin

In this long awaited second book of letters to Gerry Anderson, Rosie Ryan, once again, lifts the lid on her life as a single parent, bringing up a son in today's ever changing world.

She talks frankly about her son, the adorable Bon Jovi and his many problems, both physical and mental. She writes explicitly about her romance with Chuck Corona and pulls no punches as she describes her rural , peasant life in a bog outside Clogher. One thing Rosie Ryan cannot be accused of is keeping her mouth shut. Rosie pours her heart out to her friend and mentor, Gerry Anderson, who has a great regard for Rosie and often prays for her at night. Many see Rosie Ryan as the conscience and moral bulwark of the country. Like the super-hero she is, Rosie will fight evil wherever she finds it.