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Norman bought a pooper scooper
The deluxe model, the 500 Super
Sheila she did whine and baulk
But Norman took her for a walk.
Norman watched with rapt attention
Waiting to use his new invention.
Norman was waiting for a pooper
So he could use his brand new scooper.
They walked up hill and walked down dale
Alas, it was to no avail.
They even walked round the great big lake
But Sheila left nothing in her wake.
Norman was filled with consernation
Was Sheila suffering from constipation?
"Sheila!" yelled Norman. "Let it out,
Now that no one is about!"
But Sheila shook her shaggy head
Norman was panting, his face was red
And Norman then did loudly say
"This pooper scooper I will use today."
Norman couldn't wait to try the scooper
But Sheila would not provide a pooper
So Norman walked on through the land
With his pooper scooper in his hand.
By now the night was getting dark
Dogs at home began to bark
Norman walked on, without doubt or fear
His eyes steadfast on Sheila's rear.
Norman and his new possession
Were caught up in a great obession
Norman marched on like a trooper
Determined tonight, to use his scooper.
In the early mist of dawn
Norman and Sheila STILL walked on.
Norman making such a din,
"SHEILA, how long can you keep it in?"
With the pooper scooper in his hand
Norman was a possessed man.
 Norman should be confined for life.
He has no dog, Sheila is his-wife!
"So remember gentlemen, when you take your wife for a walk, don't carry a pooper scooper, it reflects badly on you--and your wife!"



Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin