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  The poems below are all unpublished. Some of which have been featured on the Gerry Anderson show.

  Love Story 22/10/09

  So I Said and She Said 21/10/09

  The Golden Handshake 19/10/09

  Walking With Mr T 14/10/09

  It Is What It Is 09/10/09

  The Little Sailor 06/10/09

  He Has To Go 02/10/09

  Things To Do With Your Banana 29/09/09

  The Decapitation Of An Ovum 28/09/09

  Housecoat Blues 03/09/09

  Mr Sandman 02/09/09

  Brain Washed 30/08/09

  The Things You Can See With Your Eyes 28/08/09

  Living Close to the Land 26/08/09

  Return to Fred 24/08/09

  Fair Maiden 21/08/09

  The Boys 20/08/09

  Always The Bridesmaid 19/08/09

  A Scottish Sailor 18/08/09

  Living Off The Land 17/08/09

  The Tall Ships 14/08/09

  The last showband star 12/08/09

  The Pooper Scooper 11/08/09

  Bananas and Bangers 06/08/09

  40 Mules and an Acre 17/07/09

  My Lovely, Lovely Boyo 16/07/09

  Marmalade and Magic Maggots 14/07/09

  Just Like Hank! 09/07/09

  Dancin' Round My Handbag 25/06/09


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