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Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin

There are a total of 37 poems in this book -see the list below:

A Strange Encounter
The Emperor's New Clothes
Watch Out, Watch Out, There's A Loony About
A Decent Honest Man
The First Gay Man In Ireland
A Contended Man
The Joy of Growing Old
Molly Regan
The Shambolic Alcoholic
What Goes Round Comes Round
I Walk The Line
A Hospital At Night
Jordie and the Goat
Big Nellie Gets Her Man
The Pride of Erin
Has The Little Sailor Gone?
What Did I Do In The War Daddy?
Jordie Tries His Luck
Is There Anyone Out There?
An Irish Wake
Johnny Cash
Drunk As A Judge
Wee Sammy , Sees The Light
The Amorous Goat
The Gospel According to Saint Tony
Ring Of Fire
And The Meek Shall Inherit Fuck All
Chasing Baldy Men
The Cute Wee Hoor
Yankee Doodle Dandy-Hi
The Battle At Bogles Hill
The Rubber Man
Author's Note
Movie Star
Flags and Emblems