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Let me introduce myself
I'm Catherine Zeta Jones
I'm married to Mike Douglas
Who's only skin and bones.
I really should be happy
And I do the best I can
But how can a girl be happy
Married to a plastic man?
My nights are full of yearning
As I lie there close to Mike
I think of a boyo back in Ireland
That I really, really like.
The first time that I met him
I sat down upon his knee
And I could tell immediately
A soft spot he had for me.
I could feel his heart a beating
Underneath his Italian shirt
And I coo'ed, "Come on yeh boyo!"
That's the way that Welsh girls flirt.
Oh Geree, my own Geree
You are far from me across the rolling sea
Oh Geree, my own Geree
How I wish that I was sitting on your knee.
My husband is a film star
He had lots and lots of hits
And last year for my birthday
He got me some plastic--bits.
Outside my door a swimmimg pool
Where I can dip my toe
But when I think of Geree
Oh my heart is oh so low.
Oh Geree, my own Geree
Why oh why, did you not marry me?
On your knee I could be sitting
Reading Ireland's Own or knitting
Oh how I love my boyo, wee Geree.
I've got diamonds big as golf balls
I've got ball gowns made in France
But plastic Mike has rickets
So I never get to dance.
All I think about is Geree
That's the one thought in my head.
I'd give this all up tomorrow
For one night in Geree's shed.
Oh Geree, my own Geree
I think of you until the early dawn
Oh Geree, my own Geree
Sometimes I wish that I was little Sean!
True love is so hard to find
It only happened once to me
And I could feel love growing
When I sat down on your knee.
Is there any hope for us my dear?
Will we get a second chance
Will there always be a place for me
On the lap of your good pants?
If I could only spend my life
A sitting on your knee
And gazing up in wonder
At the face of my Geree.
I have fame and I have riches
Yet I face each lonely dawn
For just like the little sailor
My Geree he has-gone.
Oh Geree, my own Geree
You're the boyo who was meant for me.
It was not part of my plan
To end up with a plastic man
For I only love my boyo,wee Geree.
"Oh, I saw Nicholas Cage yesterday!"



Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin