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It Is What It Is
Kittling cat, in council flat
Gave birth to several kittens
Tom cat sells kidney, to emu in Sydney
To buy some furry mittens.
Deranged moustache, began to bash
Two sideburns in disguise
The scissor sisters, undeterred by blisters
Soon cut him down to size.
Two knobbly knees, began to sneeze
Cried an elbow, "Get a grip"
But the wise old head said, "Go to bed
And drink some hot Lemsip."
Floral dress, locked up in press
For exposure of derriere
It would give a flash for a modicum of cash
And fly high in the air.
Suckling pig, shot down Russian Mig
With missile made from string
In Kremlin bunker, Commies hunker
While mad Rasputin does softly sing.
Two gangester newts, in three piece suits
Went on a shooting spree
They killed four stoats in camel hair coats
And shot the left leg off a flea.
Said Greasy pole, to bug-eyed mole
"I'm filled with miser'ee
It can't be done, but everyone
Still tries to climb up me."
A maitre de ballet, lived down an alley
All cluttered up with bins
A complicated detour, lead to his door
Full of pirouettes and springs.
I don't know your situation in life.
But I do know this



Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin