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 Adolf Hitler, The Early Years 1911-1912
22nd June 1911

Dull, grey day with periods of rain.  Met Hilda in the park Ė fed cream buns to the ducks. They seemed to like them Ė I donít know anyone or anything that doesnít like cream buns. Arm very bad today Ė keeps jumping up in air. What with my jerking arm and shooting my legs out in front of me so I can walk straight, life is almost unbearable. Thank goodness for moustache.  At least Iíve got it Ė even if only under my nose.  I donít know why Hilda spends time with me.  Iím a failure, Ė- a nobody, -- a NOTHING.  Tea and cream bun at 7.59pm.  In bed by 8.03pm.

A. Hitler


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