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He Has To Go
See the old man bending low
Won't someone help him find his po
It's obvious he has to go
I can see it in his eyes.
I can see it in his striddled stance
The way he pulls at rubber pants
The wild eyed look, the frightened glance
That old man has to go.
He has to go, I'm telling you
To do what old men have to do
Whenever urine does accrue
That old man has to go.
See the tremble in the leg
That happens to both Prod and Taig
The old man is too proud to beg
But he really has to go.
He's drank too much of 7-Up
Swelled up like a poisoned pup
Any minute, he'll erupt
That old man has to go.
To put it plainly, he has to pee
He needs relief, immediately
Won't someone help him do a wee?
That old man has to go.
What evil mind would hide a po?
From a man who has to go
He's searched on high and looked down low
The old man has to go.
Now the old man's lost the plot
In a gutteral voice he yells, "Mine Gott
Someone's stolen my nice wee pot!"
The old man has to go.
The old man gives a dismal sigh
Steam is raising from his fly.
A tear comes to the old man's eye
The old man's gone and done it.
Halt! Man at work. Stall the wedding
Back now to his bed he's heading
To lie all night in sodden bedding
Until once more, it's time to go.
It could be me and it could be you
Lying under a rainbow hue.
Don't live too long or you will rue
The times you have to go.
Time will bring us all down low
Time will leave us full of woe
Time won't take away the urge to go
So keep your old po handy.



Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin