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 Elvis- The True Story

This featured in the Sunday World- click here to view the story

 Below is an extract from ‘ELVIS’ - The True Story

 I arrived in Belfast on the 12th of July.  There was some sort of Mardi – Gras going on.  The streets were
 thronged.  Bands played and people cheered. – It was quite a carnival.  Band after band passed by with red
 faced, shirt-sleeved, sweating men beating drums.  I’ve never heard a racket like it.  What the bandsmen
 lacked in musical knowledge they sure made up for in enthusiasm.  I don’t know what the carnival was in aid
 of but looking at the banners it seemed to have something to do with a guy called Billy.  And why were all the
 banners orange? This was Ireland – surely they should have been green?  I got a small bed-sit near to
 Queen’s University, in the student quarter.  I signed in as Paddy Paisley.  I used the passport of James
 O’Donnell to get out of America but now I could revert to my proper name of Paddy Paisley.




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