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   The D.L.A. (to be sung to the air of the Y.M.C.A)

  Young man, if you like to shirk (I say)
  Young man, if you don’t want to work (I say)
  Young man, there’s a place you can go
  You will rake …in…the... dough

  Young man, you should walk with a stick (I say)
  Young man, tell the doctor you’re sick (I say)
  Young man, you’ll be set up for life (with)
  No strife


  You’ll be on the Deeeee-----L A
Yes the Deeeee------LA
You won’t have to work, or toil anymore
  And the Giros will pile up, behind your front door.

  You’ll be on the Deee-----L A
Yes the Deee----LA --
After your lunch, you can go to the bar
  You won’t have to walk, they even give you a car.

  Young man, if you like to play pool (I say)
  Young man, hey now don’t be a fool (I say)
  Young man, you can lay in your bed

  Hol…i…dayyyyy……… the ..Med.

  Young man, now just listen to me (I say)
  Young man, you can live re..nt free (I say)
  Young man, now don’t be a jerk
  You’ll have a big car, yeh even a merc.


© Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin