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  Below are the five books that J.P has written

  Angelina-click to enlarge    Nuts n Bolts-click to enlarge    Poems for paupers-click to enlarge    Rosie Ryan-click to enlarge    Rosie Ryan Second Volume

  Click on the pictures above to view the contents of each book
  Many of J.P's poems can be found on the Gerry Anderson site

  Rosie Ryan fans should check out the new Rosie Ryan Blog


  To hear Gerry Anderson recite J.P's poem "The Little Sailor" press play below

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   Click here to read YO BLAIR or BUTCHERS RAP  NEW 17/10/06
(The poem the BBC banned for political reasons)
   Click here
to read CAT-ASTROPHE NEW 17/10/06

   Click here to read a new poem 'The Crossroads' NEW 10/07/06

Click here
to read J.P's poem "The DLA Song" which is to be sung to the air of the Y.M.C.A

Click here to read an unpublished Rosie Ryan letter


  On the more serious side he has also written a book "The Story of Bloody Sunday in Verse"
  Click on the book cover below for more about the book

  Bloody Sunday-click for more details


  To date J.P has written two novels "A Drunken Day in the Drunken Life of ARTHUR 'RECTUM' O'NEILL" and his
  his most recent book "Go Towards The Light"

  Arthur Rectum O'Neill-click to enlarge  
 Click on the picture to view more information about each book

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