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Filigree, cut to the knee
Little leather britches
Makes a flea, sing merrily
While leaping over ditches.
Sozzled sow and bluttered cow
On bicycle made for two
Run over newt, with magic flute
Just adjacent to public loo.
Ants at dawn, put knickers on
And say, "Oh me, oh my!
Carrying eggs, is sore on legs
Sure wish that we could fly."
Auntie  Bessie, uncle Jessie
Fight on village green
Corncrakes say, from field of hay
"'Tis funniest thing I've seen."
Spider blind, just couldn't find
His web to take him home.
So on John Daly, he leaped-gaily
And ended up on-dome!
Burrowing mole said, "Rock 'n roll
Originated from the blues."
Then mole jives, to Girls Alive
While wearing blue suede shoes.
Little cricket, keeping wicket
for herd of angry bullies
Never saw the ball, which made him fall
'Twas a googlie in the goolies!
"Diazepam," said uncle Sam
"will stop hysterical crying.
But if you OD, you'll never see
My big cruise missiles flying."
"If up is up and down is down,"
Said mathematician with a frown,
"Then logic states, you can ask Bill Gates
That sideways must go round and round."



Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin