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Things To Do With Your Banana
If you are lethargic
Devoid of mirth and glee
Stick a banana in the microwave
For a shot of potassium B.
Soon you'll be out there dancing
At the latest rave.
Be you Fred or Hanna, grab a banana
And stick it in the microwave.
If your banana's slightly bent
There ain't no need to worry
Just stick that banana in the microwave
But man you gotta hurry.
Don't lie in your bed all day
Thinking thoughts all grave
Grab your banana, with your hanna'
And stick it in the microwave.
All the dudes are doing it
From Antrim to Fermanagh
Everyone's looking for a microwave
To zap their old banana.
I got this tip from Mr Coyle
Who was suffering from fierce rickets
He stuck his banana in the microwave
Now, he's leaping with the crickets.
So, don't sit there all grumpy
Thinking thoughts of woe
Stick your banana in the microwave
For some get up and go
But be careful with the timer
For a wee man in Buncrana
Kept it in too long, which is oh so wrong
And now he ain't got no banana!!!
YES! he has no banana
He has no banana today!
Always read the instructions. Terms and conditions apply.



Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin