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Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin

Foreword (Written by Mrs Rosie Ryan)

Eye do knot no why eye have bean asked two rite this forewarned page. Eye do knot no this McMenamin bouy. Hee must bee wild smart, hee went two skool till hee was 15. Eye left skool when eye was ate. My teecher said, eye was a moron, butt mammy always told me, eye was a cat-lick. When eye left skool, eye looked after my daddies pigs. They were good two me and let me eat out of their trough. When eye was 19, my daddy saved up and bought me a shoe. Eye did knot get the other wan, till eye was 31. When eye was a young girl, in my 40's eye married Big Hughie Ryan. Wee had a sun, eye called him, Bon-Jovi. At presant, eye ham living in a bog outside Clougher. My hobbies or, nitting socks and killing rats, with a big stick. If eye had three wishes, eye wood like, a new wheelbarrow, a pear of puce bloomers and a chance to appear on, mastermind. Eye did knot reed this book. A pig, sat on my glasses. If eye was ewe, eye wood knot give the McMenamin bouy, any money till ewe reed this book. Eye must go now. Wee Bon-Jovi, is fighting with the alsation again. Eye swear two God, that cub, will kill that dog yet. If ewe or ever inn clougher, call inn and sea me.
Look out for a slim, willowy 18 stone woman, with four teeth and hare like a whin bush. That wool bee me, Rosie Ryan