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Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin

Below is the actual acknowledgement featured in the Angelina:

All the poems in this book, have been broadcast on the Gerry Anderson Show, BBC Radio Ulster. I owe a great debt of thanks to Gerry Anderson, for his help and encouragement.
            Gerry Anderson, is a very kind and indeed, generous person. Many people could testify to Gerry Anderson's secret, charitable good deeds. None more so, than Mrs Rosie Ryan, from Clougher. Rosie Ryan, is a frequent beneficiary of Gerry Anderson's generosity. Without Gerry Andersons's help, Rosie Ryan would not have a wellington on her foot. And her son, the adorable wee Bon-Jovi, would still be sleeping in a tea chest. But Gerry Anderson, is loathe to talk about his good deeds and refers all enquiries to his good friend and showbiz partner, Mr Sean Coyle. Both men, play down any suggestion,that they aspire to be Ireland's answer to Ant and Dec.
            (J P McMenamin left school when he was 15,
and still thinks he was there too long...funny enough, his teachers,agree with him)