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Copyright 2009 J P McMenamin

There are a total of 30 poems in this book-see the list below:

The Earth It Is The Lord's    
Run For Your Life                
Yer Typical Ulster Man       
Harry's Harem                      
Road Rage                           
The Gigolo of Magherlin
Tell Me A Story Gran'da
The Famac Van
The Soldier's Story
Wee Willie John
Bringing Sam Home
Old Sparky
The Boxer
Dead Drunk
Sheamus Said
Animal Magic
The Little Sailor
The Little Sailor's Back
After The Ball Was Over
The Weird And Wonderful World Of Dan Eggs
The SS Christmas Tree
Big Nellie's Make Over
The Pirates of Moville
John Doe
The Miner
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Neither Rhyme - Nor Reason
The Great Irish Trouser Massacre    (Story)